Alan English

Vice President, Communications

Alan English

Alan English spent 30 years in the media industry, working as the leader of newsrooms and business units. In 2018, he left his role as publisher of New England Newspapers Inc. to join MOAA. He worked at several news organizations, some that included roles producing base newspapers at major military installations. He earned his bachelor's of fine arts in narrative and documentary work from the Rochester Institute of Technology, N.Y.

His media work included leading innovation and award-winning coverage. At first, he implemented new digital techniques in coverage, ranging from digital cameras to advances in online publishing. His work on digital products and online subscriptions were among the first in the industry.

During his career, the newspapers he led were nationally recognized for coverage, won top investigative awards, and were named the best in their state or region. English served six years as a director on the Associated Press Media Editors board. Additionally, he has served in civic organizations and on local nonprofit boards in communities where he has lived.

Career Highlights

  • Served as Editor and Publisher of local and national award-winning digital and print publications, to currently include MOAA’s Military Officer
  • Led digital innovations for publications and communications such as advancing The Augusta Chronicle’s Masters Tournament strategy
  • Achieved repeating positive trends in engagement, revenue and profit in multiple roles and helped guide early days of a conversion to local ownership of The New England Newspapers, Inc.