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Leader Workshops/Meetings 

Quarterly Council Presidents' and Independent Chapter Presidents' Meeting (May 2022) 
Watch video from the virtual meeting held May 25.

Quarterly Council Presidents' and Independent Chapter Presidents' Meeting (February 2022) 
Watch video from the virtual meeting held Feb. 17.

Florida Council Leadership Seminar
Download presentations from the Jan. 7-8, 2022, event as well as photos from the Florida Council of Chapters website.

Council and Chapter Virtual Workshop (September 2021; video coming soon)
Watch video from the virtual workshop (Mid-Atlantic Region) held Sept. 17. Download the Leaders Workbook

Quarterly Council Presidents' and Independent Chapter Presidents' Meeting (December 2021) 
Watch video from the virtual meeting held Dec. 9.

Council and Chapter Virtual Workshop (August 2021)
Watch video from the virtual workshop held Aug. 27. Download the workbook here.

Quarterly Council Presidents' and Independent Chapter Presidents' Meeting (August 2021) 
Watch video from the virtual meeting held Aug. 18.

Quarterly Council Presidents' Meeting (May 2021)
Watch video from the virtual meeting held May 26.

Quarterly Council Presidents Meeting (February 2021)*
MOAA’s Council and Chapter Affairs team provides program updates, reviews important upcoming dates, and answers questions from the Council Presidents.

Council and Chapter Virtual Workshop (January 2021)
Watch videos from the virtual workshop held Jan. 9.


Community Outreach – Emergency Relief (August 2022)
Learn about The MOAA Foundation’s Community Outreach Grant program, how to apply for grants, website resources and tips, and some of the chapter leaders who had successful events.  

Recruiting (June 2022) 
Listen to a wide-ranging discussion on chapter recruiting efforts featuring several MOAA chapter leaders from across the nation. 

Media Exposure/October Military Officer (May 2022) 
Leaders discuss chapter involvement in the upcoming October 2022 issue of Military Officer magazine, as well as maximizing opportunities for local media coverage.

Crisis Relief Grant Program (April 2022)
Learn about this program offered through The MOAA Foundation from Rebecca Culhane, MOAA development associate.

Generating Revenue (March 2022)
Learn about revenue-generating programs and suggested fundraising activities, and receive an overview of best practices from Col. Bill Betson, USA (Ret), president of the Fort Knox (Ky.) Chapter.

Council/Chapter Social Media Guide (January 2022)
Are you looking for ways to improve or expand your chapter or council's online presence? Have you been tasked to start up a social media account for your council or chapter and you're worried about how to get started? Are you eager to help your members embrace the social media space? Click the above link to view a video adapted from our January 2022 leadership roundtable, and to download presentation slides and more resources to improve your digital footprint.

Communications Award Process and Best Practices (December 2021)
Find out more about necessary requirements before submitting your Communications Award package. Contributing Editor Blair Drake and Program Manager Victoria Twyne provide an in-depth discussion along with best practices for council and chapter leaders to consider using with print/e-newsletters and websites.

Community Outreach Grant Program Roundtable Discussion (November 2021)
Listen to MOAA’s development associate describe the MOAA Foundation’s Community Outreach Chapter Grant program and explain how the application and selection process works. The roundtable also included discussion of the Community Sponsorship program. Each of these resources can help fund council and chapter efforts in their communities.

Retention/Succession Planning Roundtable Discussion (October 2021)
Check out a discussion on retention and succession planning led by Col. Steve Bond, USA (Ret), MOAA Cape Canaveral Chapter president and Florida Council membership chair.

Recruiting Roundtable Discussion (September 2021)
Check out a discussion on recruiting new members led by Maj. Sherry Ferki, RN, USA (Ret), second vice president of MOAA's Portsmouth (Va.) Area Chapter, and former Air Force Capt. Donna Culp, president of MOAA's Western North Carolina Chapter.

ROTC/JROTC Roundtable Discussion (July 2021)
Col. DK Berry, USAF (Ret), president of the MOAA Arkansas Council of Chapters, leads this very informative discussion on ROTC/JROTC program support. It includes council and chapter leaders from across the country as they engage in a meaningful discussion about best practices and overall support of these vital programs.  

Recorded Webinars

How to Use MOAA's Online Chapter Dues Program
Get answers to frequently asked questions about this process, plus a complete video tutorial for new users.

Community Outreach Grant Program (NEW FOR 2021-22!) 
This webinar provides information on The MOAA Foundation’s Community Outreach Grant Program, including a brief overview of the program, the application process, some best practices, and frequently asked questions.

Chapter Management in 2020
Capt. Erin E. Stone JAGC, USN (Ret), MOAA's Program Director, Council and Chapter Affairs, provides a 2020 tutorial on how to manage a chapter, including best practices, recruiting tools and resources, and MOAA key dates and initiatives that all chapters should be aware of.

MOAA Designated Scholarship Program

Please join Ms. Andrea Rand, J.D., Development Director, MOAA, as she provides a short overview of the MOAA Scholarship Fund and Educational Assistance Program and why a designated scholarship may be a good option for MOAA’s councils and chapters to consider.

The MOAA Foundation
Get insights for those wishing to learn more about how the MOAA Foundation is helping military families every day through 14 proven MOAA programs that touch over 50,000 currently serving troops and veterans of all ranks and their families and survivors each year.

Committee Module with Near Real Time Training Webinar
Please join Daniel Slattery, Council and Chapter Affairs Specialist, as he provides specialized training on the Committee Module (CM) and the added features included on this real time CM platform. This webinar tutorial will demonstrate the functionality of using the CM, managing and updating the officer and membership roster, accessing the Near Real Time (NRT) notification and retrieving the most current recruitment lists. Download the accompanying PDF guide here.

Chapter Tax Exemption Status Webinar*
Maj. Gen. Joseph G. Lynch, USAF (Ret), General Counsel, MOAA, offers specialized training for those wishing to learn more about the procedures for obtaining exemption recognition, annual filing requirements and other pertinent information regarding the tax status for your affiliate organization.

Legislative Affairs Webinar
Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the legislative chair/liaison position, grassroots advocacy efforts and legislative priorities in this webinar.

Event Planning Webinar
Specialized training from Suzanne Walker, Executive Assistant to MOAA’s President, and Director of Meetings and Conferences, for those wishing to learn more about organizing large functions and the art of event planning.

MOAA Virtual Affiliates*
Would you like to learn more about the MOAA web-based virtual affiliates? Please join the MOAA Army Nurse Advocates Virtual Chapter President, COL Jeri Graham, USA (Ret) and Vice-President, LTC Joseph Gollasch, USA (Ret), as they provide a short overview on how a core group of MOAA members, who are already bound together with some common purpose or ongoing activity, can establish other virtual chapters by following these easy start-up steps.

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