2019 Member Books

January 2019


Lest We Forget: Extraordinary Episodes of Often Forgotten Military History. By Avery Chenoweth, Sr, Col USMC (Ret), Life Member. Kindle Direct Publishing. ISBN: 978-0984688326


February 2019


Captain Puckett: Sea Stories of a Former Panama Canal Pilot. By Kenneth P. Puckett, CW4 USA (ret), Life Member, and William D. Larue. Chesnut Heights Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-692-08611-7


Candlestick: Night FAC Over Laos. By James Patrick Hyland, CW4 USA (Ret), Life Member. Luminare Press. ISBN: 978-1-944733-37-7


North Korea's Hidden Assets. By H. John Poole LtCol USMC (Ret). Posterity Press. ISBN: 9780981865997


Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: The Rise and Fall of the Military Cigarette Ration. By Joel R. Bius Lt Col USAF. Naval Institute Press. ISBN: 9781682473351


The History of the Wood Badge in the United States. By Kenneth P. Davis. COL USAR (Ret.) Life Member. The Seattle Book Company. ISBN: 9780839501237


White-Knuckle Flying and Other Misadventures. By Louis J Malucci Lt Col USAF (Ret). ISBN: 9781387895403



The Black Scorpion Pilot. By Lawrence A. Colby, Col USAF. Mach278 LLC Book. ISBN: 9781541285835


Fortress of Gold (Book Two of Magicians Gold). By Mr. David Harten Watson 1LT USA (former). Pen-L Publishing. ISBN: 9781683131359


Breaking From the Enemy. By J.R. Sharp CDR USN (Ret). Koehler Books. ISBN: 978-1633937017



See You Along The Way: Reflections of a Veteran Hiking the Camino de Santiago. By Tracey Meck Col USAF (Ret). Life Member. Christian Faith Publishing. ISBN:  9781642998986


March 2019


One Nation, Under Drones. By: John E. Jackson Capt USN (Ret.). Naval Institute Press. ISBN: 9781682472385


April 2019


Fire in the North: The Minnesota Uprising and the Sioux War in Dakota Territory. By Thomas D. Phillips (Col USAF RET) and Reuben D. Rieke. Hellgate Press. ISBN: 9781555719333


Sharon Tate Campaign Plan MMXX. By Lt Col Michael Walker, Life Member. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing. ISBN:978-0-9996737-1-3


Forever Parenting: Voices of Parents of Adults with Special Needs. By Mrs. Rosemarie S Hughes, Life Member. WestBow Press. ISBN: 9781973638544


May 2019


Witnessing the American Century: Via Berlin, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, and the Straits of Florida. By Captain Allen Colby Brady with Dawn Quarles. The Kent State University Press. ISBN: 9781606353622


Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film. By Chief Warrant Officer Marc Phillip Yablonka. Casemate Publishers. ISBN: 9781612006871


Debrief to Win: How America's Top Guns Practice Accountable Leadership … and How You Can, Too! By Lt. Col. Robert "Cujo" Techner. RTI Press. ISBN: 9781732929814


The Pleasure Unit. By Dr. Robert A. Vitori. Independently published. ISBN:  978-1790993499


Admiral Gorshkov: The Man Who Challenged the U.S. Navy. By ADM Thomas A. Brooks, George E. Fedoroff and, Norman Polmar. ISBN:9781682473306


June 2019


The Little Hospital That Could. By Terrence O' Neil. Life Member. Book Baby. ISBN: 9781543951127



Tuyết. By James M. Thompson. By Lt. Col. James M. Thompson. Self Published. ISBN: 9781729762929.



I Flew With Heroes. By Lt. Col. Thomas R. Waldron. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 9781469925476


July 2019


Fortune Favors Boldness: The Story of Naval Valor During Operation Iraqi Freedom. By Barry M. Costello. Fortis Press. ISBN: 9781937592851


Maria Longworth Storer: From Music and Art to Popes and Presidents. By Constance J. Moore, Nancy M. Broderman. Life Member. University of Cincinnati Press. ISBN: 9781947602335


Sailing True North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character. By Adm. James Stavridis. Penguin Press. ISBN: 9780525559931



Saga of a Lesser War. By Emmett E. Slake. Life Member. Gatekeeper Press. ISBN: 978164237



Phantom in the Sky. By Terry L. Thorsen. University of North Texas Press. ISBN: 9781574417548.


August 2019


On Parr. By Lt. Col. USAF RET Ken Murray. Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. ISBN: 9781786939173


Middle East 101: A Beginner's Guide for Deployers, Travelers, and Concerned Citizens. By CDR USN Youssef Aboul-Enein and LCDR USN RET Joseph T. Stanik. Naval Institue Press. 9781682474273.



Target: Nimitz. By CAPT USN RET Gary T. Carter. Life Member. BookLocker.com Inc. ISBN: 9781644386361


Forgotten Letters. By FRM CDR USNR Kirk J Raeber and CPT ARNG Mario Acevedo. Honey Rock View Publishing. ISBN: 97809972638



Value in Valor: Making, Shaping and Treating a Soldier. By former 1LT USA Raymond Parker. Aegis Consulting Group, Inc. ISBN:  978-1938847288


Between the Letters: Life, Love, and War. By CAPT USN RET Rufus R. Barber and Barbara F. Barber. Book Baby. ISBN 9781543961898


October 2019


Prison Dogs. By LTC. Larry Stafford, ARNG (Ret), Life Member. BookBaby Press. ISBN: 9781543975420


Pursuing the Honorable: Reawakening Honor in the Modern Military. By MAJ USA RET Kenneth W. McDonald and Justin M. Anderson. Lexington Books. ISBN: 978149859028


Survival Uncertain. By CAPT USN RET Lee B. Cargill. Published by Author. ISBN: 9781732603011


Exceptional Every Day: An Empowering Process to Unlock Your Why and Transform Life. By Jason M. Valadao MD LCDR USN. Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press. ISBN: 9781626346079


The Very Few, The Proud: Women in the Marine Corps, 1977-2001. By Colonel Nancy Anderson USMC RET Published by USMC History Division, Quantico, VA, ISBN:  978-0-9973174-7-3]


A History of the Women Marines, 1946-1977. By Colonel Mary V. Stremlow USMCR Ret. Published by: USMC History and Museum Division, Quantico, VA. ISBN: 978-1499779929



Operation Sunrise: Secrets of the Deep. By MAJ USAF RET William J. Tidd. Published by lulu.com. ISBN: 9780359584864



Jet Girl: My Life in War, Peace, and the Cockpit of the Navy's Most Lethal Aircraft, the F/A-18 Super Hornet. By LCDR USNR Caroline Johnson. Published by St. Martin's Press. ISBN: 9781250139290


November 2019


Old Salts, New Navy. By Frederic W. Burr CDR USN RET with Warren Musselman and James Garifalos. Independently Published. ISBN 9781086111040


The Nugget. By CAPT P.T. Deutermann USN RET. St Martin's Press. ISBN 9781250205889



Depot to Depot: A Transformational Leadership Journey from the Military to Corporate America. By Colonel Ted Studdard USMC RET. Limitless Creative Group. ISBN 978-1-63393-917-2


Tap Code: The Epic Survival Tale of a Vietnam POW and the Secret Code That Changed Everything. By Col. Carlyle "Smitty" Harris USAF RET and Sara W. Berry. Zondervan Books. ISBN 9780310359111


No One's Hero. By Eric M Witcher LTC  ( R ), USA. Amazon.com/Kindle Books. ISBN 978-0-578-56048-9


December 2019


Formula for Failure in Vietnam: The Folly of Limited Warfare. By William Hamilton. McFarland. ISBN: 9781476679945


Bombshell: The Curious War of a Union Army Gunboat. By Thomas F. McGraw (Lt Col USAF Ret). Professional Press. ISBN 9781570879005



From the Sea to the C-Suite: Lessons Learned from the Bridge to the Corner Office. By VADM Culter Dawson USN (Ret) with Taylor Baldwin Kiland. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 9781682474730



The Albatross. By Gerry Hawes (Lt Col USAF RET). Indie Author Warehouse. ISBN: 9781940244730.


Chokepoint. By John P. Morse (CAPT USN RET). Idleknot Press. ISBN: 9780997645033