2022 Member Books

January 2022 


Healing Wounds: A Vietnam War Combat Nurse's 10-Year Fight to Win Women a Place of Honor in Washington, D.C. By Diane Carlson Evans. Permuted Press. ISBN: 9781682619124 

Guns Up, Depth Charges Readied. By David D. Bruhn Sr. (CDR USN RET). Heritage Books, Inc. ISBN: 9780788411496

West Point Graduates and the United States Air Force – Shaping American Aerospace Power. By Charles Kuyk (MG USAF RET). McFarland. ISBN: 9781476680941

Wisdom From Above The Clouds - 66 Daily Meditations. By Vincent A. Amos. Europa Ediciones. ISBN: 9791220110327


The Reluctant Scot. By Liz Fogleman. Independently published. ISBN: 9798761611597


No One's Hero. Eric M. Witcher (LTC USA RET). Eric Witcher. ISBN-13: 978-0-578-56048-9

Bitter Medicine, A Doctor’s Year in Vietnam. Eugene H. Eisman (MAJ USA FMR). Eugene H. Eisman. ISBN: 9780615874340

February 2022 


Criminal Investigation: A Systematic Guide to Recruiting, Utilizing and Managing Informants. By Carl Jeanty (CW3 USA RET). Independently published. ISBN: 978-1793403629

Christ, Chaplains and Commandos. By Thomas Azar (LTC USAF RET). Self published.


Love You. By James E Rusk (LTC USA RET). BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1667812168

A Middle School Survival Guide. By Annie Dunford. Just the Box. ISBN: 978-1948604291

A Cobra's Diary. By Annmarie and Annie Dunford. Just the Box. ISBN: 978-1450745239

My Ladybug Life. By Abby Dunford. Independent Publisher. ISBN: 978-1450750769

Diversity Is Tape. By Abby Dunford. Just the Box. ISBN: 978-0692923719

The Investigation Officer's File: A Woody White Legal Thriller. By Dallas Clinton Clark Jr. (CAPT USMC RET). Palmetto Publishing. ISBN: 978-1685152536


The Spirit to Soar. By Barry B. Bridger (Lt Col RET). Morgan James Books. ISBN: 978-1631956515

March 2022  


Marked by Miracles: Journey with the Divine. By Dixey Behnken. Self published. ISBN: 978-1648360671

Healing Wounds: A Vietnam War Combat Nurse's 10-Year Fight to Win Women a Place of Honor in Washington, D.C. By Diane Carlson Evans. Permuted Press. ISBN: 9781682619124

Where Will You Be When You Get Where You Are Going?: Make a Personal Theo-Metric Assessment. By Jesse Addison. WestBow Press. ISBN: 978-1490870236

Be Well. By Jack Lewi. Independently published. ISBN: 979-8424617843


MAD AS HELL: The Cold War, the Strategic Air Command, and the FB-111A Bomber. By Loyal Bassett. Independently published. ISBN: 979-8717775090

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man: Surviving When Life Sucks. By Thomas Schneider. Ballast Books. ISBN: 978-1733428088

West Point Admiral - Leadership Lessons from Four Decades of Military Service. By Michael Shelton. Acclaim Press, Inc. ISBN: 978-1948901987

A Tour in Chuong Thien Province: A U.S. Army Lieutenant with MACV Advisory Team 73 in the Mekong Delta, 1969-1970. By John Raschke. McFarland. ISBN: 978-1476689081

Notable Encounters. By Christopher Adams. Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1644160701

April 2022


Fact, Fiction, and Polygamy: A Tale of Utah War Intrigue, 1857–1858―A. G. Browne's The Ward of the Three Guardians. By Kenneth Alford. University of Utah Press. ISBN: 978-1647690694

Why Did God Seat Me Next to the Toilet? By Frank Nice. Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-098051877

From CO to CEO: A Practical Guide for Transitioning from Military to Industry Leadership. By William Toti. Forefront Books. ISBN: 978-1637630638

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually: Daily Inspirational Praise for “Uplifting Your Soul” with God’s Grace! By Joseph Spence. WestBow Press. ISBN: 978-1973683902


Inside Abu Ghraib: Memoirs of Two U.S. Military Intelligence Officers. By William Edwards. McFarland. ISBN: 978-1476686738

Fighting Viet Cong in the Rung Sat: Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Vietnam, 1968-1969. By Bob Worthington. McFarland. ISBN: 978-1476643960

No Two Men Fight the Same War: One Griffin's Tale. By Larry Bond. BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1098385255

Some People Are Stupid, But Not You!: Stories about Humility, Perseverance, and Giving Back. By James Faber. Self published. ISBN: 979-8985878905

Lita & Jean: Memoirs of Two Generations of Military Women. By Lita Tomas & Jean McNamara. Master Wings Publishing. ISBN: 978-1646630141

First In Vietnam: An Exercise In Excess of 30 Days: The US Army 57th Transportation Helicopter Company (Light Helicopter) (CH-21) 1961-1962. By Emmett Knight. A15 Publishing. ISBN: 978-0998328492

Vet Squared: Memoir of a VETerinarian & Air Force VETeran. By Samuel Tate. Dorrance Publishing Co. ISBN: 978-1637642597

Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son. By Burt Randolph. MyWingman, LLC. ISBN: 978-1536818468

First in My Life. By Betty Kruger. Self-published. ISBN: 978-1366740038

May 2022


Citizenship 1928: How Democracy Killed the War Department Training Manual, TM 2000-25. By James Tippins. Rocketranch. ISBN: 978-1736172247

U.S. Go Home: The U.S. Military in France, 1945-1968. By M. David Egan. Schiffer Military. ISBN: 978-0764362675


Tales from the Cold War: The U.S. Army in West Germany, 1960 to 1975. By Michael Mahler. University of North Georgia. ISBN: 978-1940771922

Heaven, Hell, or Home. By Edwin McIntosh. Independently Published. ISBN: 979-8492625108

Stories from the Front: Pain, Betrayal, and Resilience on the MST Battlefield. By Lisa Carrington Firmin. Blue Ear Books. ISBN: 978-0999095195


INTERMISSION. By R. Alan Gilmore. Self Published. ISBN: 979-8414400387

June 2022 


American Foreign Policy and National Security. By Paul R Viotti. Cambria Press. ISBN: 978-1621965381

Okinawan Reckoning. By H. John Poole. Posterity Press. ISBN:9781735453002

Extraordinary Valor. By William Reeder, Jr. Lyons Press. ISBN: 978-1493063673


The Artilleryman's War in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, told by the Soldiers who fought there, 1967-1968. By Robert Barrett. Premier Photographer. ISBN: 978-1951921057

Fortitude: Preserving 400 years of an American family’s faith, patriotism, grit and determination. By Dale Spaulding. Gatekeeper Press. ISBN: 978-1662915321


Bells in the Air. By E.B. Butler. BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1624883323

Bells in the Fog. By E.B. Butler. BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1682225264

July 2022


Toe the Mark. By David Bruhn. Heritage Books, Inc. ISBN: 978-0788424021 

An Introductory Handbook on Death Investigations. By Carl Jeanty. Independently Published. ISBN: 978-1703684407

Roadside Survival: Low-Tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns. By Walter Brinker. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1630685898

Connected Soldiers: Life, Leadership, and Social Connections in Modern War. By John Spencer. Potomac Books. ISBN: 978-1640125124


My Dear Sara: Civil War Letters 1861-1865. By Robert Adams. Self Published. ISBN: 978-1513687223


Moments, Memories, and Men. By Pascual Goicoechea. WestBow Press. ISBN: 978-1664256835


August 2022 


Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies: Best Practices for Public Procurement. By William Curry. Published by Routledge, New York and London. IBSN: 9781032306148

James Longstreet and the American Civil War the Confederate General Who Fought the Next War. By Harold Knusden. Published by Savas-Beatie. IBSN: 9781611214758

Kissing Cousins.
By David D Bruhn Sr., Heritage Books Publishing. ISBN: 978-0788426988

On Parr, The Stunning Combat Missions of American Fighter Ace Colonel Ralph Parr.
By Ken Murray. Published by Changing Lives Press. IBSN: 978-0990439691

Flying Under the Radar; the Men the Mission, and the Aircraft of the Department of State Air Wing, 1983-2013.
By Paul O'Sullivan. Published by Hellgate Press. IBSN: 9781954163492



Plummet and Shine. By Joan Korale. ISBN: 9780998881126


Bluejacket - Seaman to Captain (in a Mere 30 Years). By David Francis. Red Bike Publishing. ISBN: 978-1936800360


Standing Tall: Leadership Lessons in the Life of a Soldier. By Robert F. Foley. Published by Casemate Publishers. IBSN: 9781636242248