MOAA’s 2021-22 TRICARE Guide

MOAA’s 2021-22 TRICARE Guide
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This new edition of MOAA’s TRICARE Guide gives you details on how your earned health care benefit has you covered and the latest updates for making the most of it. That’s not all: We bring you the details on MOAA’s work to shield and protect your health care benefit from efforts to diminish it, so that it can shield and protect you.


In this guide, you will see what’s ahead for TRICARE For Life, the progress made toward resolving gaps in coverage, and how to handle disputes over your care. We guide you in transitioning from military to civilian status, show you the steps to plan for benefits changes when you turn 65, and more.


Below, find details on all manner of TRICARE topics, MOAA advocacy efforts on behalf of your earned benefits, and much more. Have a question we didn't cover? Reach out to our Member Support Center at or (800) 234-6622.



Benefit Under Threat: Saving TRICARE For Life 

TFL turned 20 in October, but its future is far from certain. Here's how MOAA fights for your continued care. 





Fixing Gaps in Your TRICARE Coverage Remains a Top MOAA Priority 

Your earned health care benefit should include access to high-quality care. 



Open Season: A To-Do List for Your 2022 TRICARE or FEDVIP Plan

This year’s season began Nov. 8. Here's what you need to know.



Coverage Questions: Do You Need a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Get the basics before making this major decision about your health care coverage. 




TRICARE and Retirement: Steps to Help You Get Ready   

MOAA can assist with a complicated transition process. Here’s what you need to know.






Understanding Medicare and TRICARE For Life 

Get help from MOAA with this major change, including what you can do in advance. 






Access to Urgent Care Under TRICARE May Be in Danger 

Early signs point to an upcoming legislative fight to protect this benefit. 





Addressing Concerns With Your TRICARE Coverage

Some beneficiaries will need help with this complex process. MOAA can offer guidance and support.






Should I Use Another Drug Insurance Plan With TRICARE?  

Multiple plans can complicate your coverage. Here’s what you need to know.






Navigating TRICARE: Know Your Access to Care Standards   

COVID-19 has stretched the entire medical system. MOAA has pressed for improved problem reporting.






COLA News: What Recent Figures Could Mean for Your TRICARE Costs 

A big adjustment isn’t all good news for beneficiaries: Here’s how some key health care fees may change.