MOAA’s 2020-21 TRICARE Guide

MOAA’s 2020-21 TRICARE Guide
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Your earned health care benefit is there for you in all phases of military life and beyond. But how you use it — and what you need from it — may change direction.


MOAA is here to help.


This TRICARE Guide is here to answer your questions about health care and benefit options, and to chart territory that may be new to you. It draws on the in-depth expertise of MOAA’s advisers, who keep up with the latest developments and point the way forward for you and your family.


Below, find details on all manner of TRICARE topics, MOAA advocacy efforts on behalf of your earned benefits, and much more. Have a question we didn't cover? Reach out to our Member Support Center at or (800) 234-6622.



Medicare and TRICARE at 65 and Beyond 

From enrollment concerns to spouse needs to coverage options, MOAA answers your questions.



 What Happens When I Retire? 

Answers to all your questions about your health care during a sometimes-challenging transition.




GI-Bill-payments-hero.jpgAre You Ready for FEDVIP Open Season?

Know the process, know the pain points, get the links you need, and be ready for Nov. 9 with our comprehensive FAQ.




Why Is Protecting Health Care Benefits a Challenge?

Here's some of the work being done by MOAA and The Military Coalition to preserve TRICARE's strength.





MOAA’s Top TRICARE Advocacy Priorities   

Get a roundup of current MOAA priorities and a look ahead at future areas of focus.





gi_bill.jpgWhat’s Covered, What’s Not 

Know the nuances of your benefit, including the coverage areas that go beyond, and sink below, civilian plans.




gi_bill.jpgTelehealth: Is It Here to Stay? 

The pandemic made it a priority. Will technology and ease of access make it a permanent feature in your care?






The History of Your Health Care Benefit  

From CHAMPUS to current programs, learn how the past could influence the future of your care.






Travel Reimbursement for Specialty Care  

Many TRICARE Prime users aren't familiar with this benefit. Get the basics for now ... and a walk-through if you need it.