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Average Improvement

ACT: 4-13 points

SAT: 150-450 points

The SAT/ACT PowerPrep

The reason our students outperform ALL others


PowerPrep by eKnowledge is the most comprehensive ACT/SAT prep program available—BY FAR!

  • Teacher-in-a-Box
  • Programs are all offered online
  • Students can study at their own pace and prepare when they want
  • Meets students where they are and moves them to the next level


Meet PowerPrep

An innovative online classroom ACT/SAT prep program that hyper-personalizes test prep AT SCALE.

Students get their own personalized programs that diagnose individual weaknesses and generate customized study plans—rich with multimedia content, progress tracking, smart reports, and more. Students make progress at their optimum pace both in the classroom and at home.

ACT & SAT readiness in four steps!

  1. Diagnostic Test: students take an officially released SAT or ACT exam to diagnose their current comprehension and preparedness level.
  2. Test Results Analysis: PowerPrep analyzes your diagnostic test and creates a comprehensive customized strengths and weaknesses report.
  3. Custom Study Plan: PowerPrep creates a study plan tailored to each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses, focusing their valuable time on the subjects and skills they need most.
  4. RealTime Score Projection: RealTime Score Projection, helps students keep an eye on their progress so they know exactly what score they could earn if they were taking the test that day.


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