MOAA Joins Hidden Helpers Coalition

MOAA Joins Hidden Helpers Coalition
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin greets children who help care for their father, a combat-injured Marine, during a Nov. 10 event at the White House announcing the formation of the Hidden Helpers Coalition. (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

MOAA, along with over 60 other companies and organizations, has joined the Hidden Helpers Coalition to support children in military or veteran caregiving families. Through the coalition, we will help bring attention to the untold stories of those who care for a wounded, ill, or injured servicemember or veteran, and the hidden helpers they raise.


MOAA representatives had the privilege of attending the launch of Hidden Helpers at the White House last month. In partnership with the administration’s Joining Forces initiative and the Wounded Warrior Project, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation built the Hidden Helpers Coalition to join together military and veteran service organizations, corporations, and other organizations to fill the gaps in support and services for military caregiver kids and youth.


This long-overdue initiative will bring attention to the 2.3 million children of wounded, ill, or injured servicemembers and veterans. As a Hidden Helpers Coalition member, MOAA has pledged to be a thought leader in the development of expanded tools and resources in support of military-connected caregiver children and youth.




Coalition members have committed to over 40 new programs and initiatives to better support the needs of this community. The MOAA Scholarship Fund’s commitment to supporting Hidden Helpers can be found in the continued awarding of the American Patriot Scholarship. This scholarship was designed to provide financial education support to children of uniformed services personnel – officer and enlisted – who died or were severely wounded while in active service. This grant of up to $5,000 was provided to over 45 students in the 2019-2020 school year.  


Caregivers raising Hidden Helpers can visit the coalition website to find guides and resources on a variety of topics including education, health, and government support. The resilience displayed by so many military kids is inspiring, but the combined efforts of the Hidden Helpers Coalition members will create a healthier, less stressful future for these young heroes.


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Jen Goodale
Jen Goodale

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