Welcome to MOAA’s COLA Watch page, where you’ll find a monthly update on the inflation figures used to set the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for payments received by military retirees, disabled veterans, Social Security beneficiaries, and many others receiving federal compensation.

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The 2023 COLA will be 8.7%.

The FY 2023 COLA baseline will be 291.901, compared with the FY 2022 baseline of 268.421, resulting in the above percentage increase. This baseline is determined by averaging the monthly Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for the final three months of the fiscal year (July, August, September).

The September 2022 CPI-W, released Oct. 13, is 291.854, which is also 8.7% above the FY 2022 COLA baseline.

Protecting the value of service-earned benefits has long been a pillar of MOAA’s advocacy. MOAA has led previous efforts to rebuff budget plans seeking to reduce or eliminate COLA for military retirees, many of which have taken root shortly after large increases. The nature of a higher COLA is to preserve purchasing power for retirees, VA beneficiaries, and surviving spouses – not to fund other government programs.

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The CPI-W for October 2022, the first of the new fiscal year, is scheduled for release Nov. 10.

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The Math: How Your COLA Is Calculated

The yearly cost-of-living adjustment is made by comparing the average CPI-W from monthly reports in July, August, and September of the current fiscal year to the average for the same months of the year prior. MOAA also provides a regular calculation for the monthly COLA change: (Monthly CPI-Yearly baseline CPI)/Yearly baseline CPI.

Remember, active duty pay raises are calculated differently. Learn more about CPI on the BLS web page.

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