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TTRICARE-Toolkit-logo-draft.jpghere's no sense sugarcoating it: Your TRICARE benefit can be confusing.


Regardless of your plan or your provider, whether you receive care at a military installation or in the private sector, whether you're a regular user or new to the program, you're going to have questions. And MOAA has answers.


Updated every month, MOAA's TRICARE Toolkit provides timely, comprehensive help on issues of importance to your health. Whether it's a look at pricing in time for Open Season, an overview of plan changes and MOAA advocacy efforts after key legislative sessions, or even simple guidance on frequent coverage challenges, MOAA is here for you.


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scale-weight-tw.jpgTRICARE Coverage for Obesity

Learn about surgical and nonsurgical options, including medication.





customer-support-stock-tw.pngResolving TRICARE Problems

Having trouble, but not sure where to turn? Learn what types of help are available.





kentucky-aerial-flooding-h.jpgNatural Disasters and TRICARE Coverage

Preparing in advance can help mitigate unexpected circumstances.





pills-pharmacy-stock-tw.jpgYour TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits

Here's what you should know about this part of your health benefit, including some cost-saving tips.





tricare-toolkit-airplane-tw.pngTake TRICARE on Your Travels 

Know your care options before you take off, set sail, or hit the road.





guard-reserve-ammo-tw.pngTRICARE for Guard and Reserve

Get the basics on these sometimes-complicated coverage choices for servicemembers, retirees, and their families.





hearing-aid-h.jpgHearing Loss Options and Costs

Many veterans suffer from some degree of hearing difficulty. Know your coverage choices.





medicare-part-c-advantage-tw.jpgMedicare Advantage Plans, Explained

Go beyond the advertisments to learn about what these plans could mean for your care.





medical-fees-2021-tw.jpg2022 Retiree TRICARE Prices

Get a full breakdown of Select and Prime fees, copayments, and more (with comparisons to the 2021 costs).





shingles-shot-stock-tw.jpgThe Shingles Vaccine and TRICARE 

TRICARE covers the shingles vaccine two different ways. Our guidance can help you understand which one you want to use.






Should You Supplement TRICARE? 

If you and/or your family reach or come close to the TRICARE catastrophic cap every year, you should consider this option.






Aging Out of TRICARE Coverage 

Health care options for dependents in their 20s. Get all the details you need.









How TRICARE Is Transforming for You 

MOAA works to protect your eroding health care benefit -- work that has yielded results.







TRICARE vs. Civilian Health Care 

Dive deep into our cost comparison, and learn how MOAA fights to keep your costs low.